10 ways to Make Lock-down More Productive

There is so much that you can watch on Netflix and Amazon. And scrolling through Instagram and Facebook won’t last for long. So, instead of sitting bored on your sofa during this lockdown.

There are a host of other productive things you can do to not just pass the time but enjoy your day.
These things are:

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1. Organize Your room/house :

There are a lot of things we plan to do with our house, but for many reasons we are unable to do so. This is a great time to exactly do that.

You can start by organizing your wardrobe and then move to other items. You can also clean your house simultaneously, which is never a bad idea.

2. Update Your Professional Documents :

Update your CV, LinkedIn page, or cover letter. These are important things which you need to do regularly. The lockdown provides you with a good opportunity for such tasks.

You can try revamping the entire document to try something new. You might end up with something better.

3. Learn To Play A New Instrument :

If you find an old instrument lying on with dust on. This is your chance to engage in something fun.
Nowadays, you can find tons of videos, online teaching you how to play an instrument from scratch. As you practice, you will become better with time.


Plus, this gives you another reason to meet new people also.

4. Learn A New Language :

Remember a time when you wanted to learn a new language, but you didn’t have the time or resources to learn.

Well, now you have both time and the internet in your hands to learn the language you desire. 


Moreover, there is no downside to learning a new language, and it can come handy in unusual ways.

5. Read Books :

Books is regarded as a Best Friend. This lockdown gives you the perfect opportunity to find out why. Start out with something easy and a topic that interests you.

Slowly and steadily, the book will grow on you, and before you realize you will love reading books. Even if you don’t have a physical copy, you can read it on Kindle or any other device.

6. Engage In Your Hobbies :

Remember while growing up, we had hobbies like drawing, writing blogs or stories, cooking, chess, or anything else you like.

This is a great time to revisit those memories and have fun in the meanwhile. Just shut down your mobile for a few hours and let yourself loose. You would be astonished by what you have achieved.

7. Workout At Home :

Every one of us is aware of the health benefits of being fit. However, those advantages stack up lower the list on priority.

As you are stuck in your house and nowhere to go. You are left with little to no choice as to why you shouldn’t work out.

Once, you start working out; it would be awkward if you didn’t work out.

8. Do It Yourself Project :

Were you thinking of redesigning the bookshelf or paint that sideboard to new shade? Well, you are in luck as you have a lot of time in your hands which is perfect for DIY work.

You can also make certain crafts from things to decorate your house.

9. Learn To Code :

You want to accept it or not, we are moving into a digital age where coding would be an essential part of every job. So, instead of lying down during the lockdown, you should learn to code.

There are more than thousands of free and paid courses which you can take admission and began your journey.

8. Do It Yourself Project :

If there is one industry which is saturated with quality and quantity. Then it is the gaming industry.

There are tons of games in each genre and available on every gaming device, whether it’s your console, laptop or mobile.

Video games are made to be addictive, so you won’t have any problem playing.

When you are in lockdown, you can’t go out, and you have a very limited option. So, engage in every little thing that comes in your way because they are better than just getting bored.

The aforementioned things are way more productive than you thing. Just engage in them with an open mind.

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