7 Reasons You Should Take Up Sports (Its importance in our daily lives)

In times past, most people believed playing sports was a waste of time and energy. There was even a popular saying in India to that effect: “if you study you shall become a respected individual if you play you shall amount to nothing”.


Obviously, with the wealth, fame, obesity scare, knowledge of cardiovascular diseases, and more, such sayings and attitude are now things of the past. People now know that sports play an important role in the overall growth of an individual. In this article, we will discuss the many advantages that accrue to participating in sports.

1. Physical fitness :

There are facts, data, and tests that show that sustained and regular participation in any sporting activity reduces the chances of developing health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, fatty liver, etc.


Sporting activities also help in building stamina, boosting life expectancy, and just staying generally healthy.

2. Reduces social awkwardness :

Many of us are socially awkward or feel shy while interacting with people. One way to get around this is to take up a sport.  This is because being part of a team helps us grow, meet people with different attitudes and views, boosts our confidence and cognitive abilities, and be less awkward.

3. Learn about responsibility and leadership :

When you partake in sporting activities, there are certain things you learn without any conscious effort on your part. These include being responsible and how to lead. This is especially so in team sports. You learn to own up to and learn from your teammate’s mistakes, pick up the slack, be a team player, and leading by example.

4. Respect :

The discipline required to succeed at a sport engenders not only team spirit and leadership, but abiding respect for others, especially other sportspeople. This respect extends to opponents too. We learn that it is not just about winning, but also how you win. 

5. Discipline and focus :

One of the many benefits of sports is discipline. It inculcates a sense of discipline. This is in addition to the focus it demands of all who participate. Moreover, it has been proven that those who partake in sports or exercise regularly tend to have great brain function and are less at risk of developing cognitive diseases.

6. Satisfaction :

When you do something extra, something other than your regular studies or work, you find that you are happy when you do it well. If you are a working professional, you will have something to look forward to every weekend. If you are a student, you have something to look forward to every evening if your studies allow.


You will feel content that there is something you are doing only for yourself.

7. Stress buster :

Whether it is work/study-related stress or family/relationship related stress, you can let it go with the help of sports.


Not only is the mind occupied, but it also gets to relax and get away from the usual rigours. The endorphins produced also play a role in easing the stress, which have probably being accumulating for a while. An immersive sporting activity gives you a chance to come back to issues calmly and possibly look at them from new perspectives.

How to make sports a part of your life:

  • 1. Take time out. It can be monthly or weekly.
  • 2. Ask your friends to join in; the more, the merrier.
  • 3. If you have kids, play with them and encourage them to take part in sports.
  • 4. Follow sport-related channels or personalities to keep yourself updated and motivated.
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