How to Get Rid of Frustration

Frustration sets in when we are not getting our way. When things just seem not to be going the way we want, we feel helpless and powerless.


It is a common emotional response to an opposition that arises in the form of anger or disappointment when we continue to fail at something. It can be over a petty job or some huge task.


The frustration must be let out and it is always important to be careful how you let it out.


The desire to hit someone or break something can be channeled elsewhere as doing otherwise could damage your relationship with friends or family. Herein are some ways to get rid of frustration:


1. Take your time :

One of the best ways to get rid of frustration is to give yourself some time. When we fail at a task, we get frustrated, especially when we feel it is something we should not fail at. We then try it out again out of frustration and still fail.


At this point, it is advisable to take a breather, think things through slowly and then try again. This also allows you think up alternative ways of carrying out the task.

2. Take a walk :

This is related to the above. When things become overwhelming and your frustration is about to boil over, take a walk. It will give you a chance to think, get less edgy and you get a bit of exercise done.

3. A sip of hot coffee :

Taking coffee in small doses/sips help. The smell and the feeling of energy the caffeine gives you helps you take off the edge.


However, there is also a point where you should avoid taking more coffee as the buzz you get might become counterproductive. Intake of a large amount of caffeine can cause you to skip sleep, causing you to be cranky and less productive due to sleep deprivation.

4. Ask questions of yourself :

Sometimes, the feeling of frustration is so strong it disguises our true feelings. When you notice this, take a step back and ask yourself germane questions:



What is causing this feeling of frustration? What am I trying to do? What am I doing wrong? How do I get past this? When you can find answers to these questions, you are better able to fend off frustration.

5. Think about the worst-case scenario :

When we get frustrated, we think the world is out to get us. We tend to feel our luck has run out, hence why things are not working out. In this type of situation, try to think about how it could have been worse.


As illogical as this sounds, it works. When we realize that we are not in such a terrible place, we are able to better handle the frustration. We might even get back to the task at hand with more gusto.

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