Walk away from fights.

Let’s get one thing straight: debates and arguments are not fights. When it comes to verbal and physical altercations, fights can happen anywhere, anytime, and even online. But don’t worry, you have options. You can choose to fight or choose to walk away. Choosing to walk away doesn’t make you weak or a coward; it’s simply the safer option. You’ve decided that this particular issue isn’t worth fighting over. You’re picking your battles wisely. So, how do you make that decision? Here are some tips to help you confidently choose the best course of action.

• Stay calm

Staying calm in situations of extreme emotion or tension may seem difficult, but it is absolutely achievable if you are confident in your abilities. Despite the other party’s attempts to provoke you, maintaining your cool gives you an edge. The capacity to look at things objectively and make informed decisions is a powerful tool. The more agitated you become, the less likely you are to be able to extricate yourself from the situation. Do not resort to hurling insults or laying blame. Instead, let your anger dissipate, and exercise reason. In addition, carefully consider the other person’s statements, and react in a manner that is appropriate. Always remember that you have full control over your demeanor and attitude, and embrace that power confidently.

• See it from the other side

Here’s the same message with a confident tone:

In the event that a conflict is on the brink of turning physical, it’s important to assess the other person’s anger level and make an effort to calm them down. Showing humility by setting aside your pride and ego can also diffuse the situation. Remember, apologizing doesn’t diminish your strength, it actually demonstrates emotional intelligence and helps to maintain peace.

In situations where you sense a fight might arise, it’s best to avoid it altogether. Make it clear that you’re walking away before the person has a chance to escalate things. If things become more hostile, prioritize your safety and quickly find a secure location where you can call for assistance. Trusting your instincts and maintaining a level head are essential in these kind of scenarios.

• Seize the initiative

If you’re in the midst of a disagreement, don’t worry, because there are some seriously effective ways to put an end to it. By maintaining eye contact and speaking in a firm and decisive tone, you can show the other person that you are not interested in fighting. This display of confidence can make them think twice about starting something with you.

Fighting is never a good option. It can cause physical harm, damage relationships, land you in jail, and so much more. Instead, focus on avoiding it altogether. Walking away from a confrontation is a sign of strength, as it demonstrates your emotional control and rational thinking. To wrap things up, I’ll leave you with a wise quote from Jackie Chan: “Sometimes the only way to win a fight is to just walk away.”

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