Is Tea Good or Bad for Your Health?

It is that time of the day when you probably want to have a cup of hot tea and relax your mind a little as you sip the tea slowly. Tea is great and is usually our first choice when it comes to having a refreshment or when we want to refresh our mind quickly – but the question is what quantity of tea does one consume in a day? 

We all have seen people who literally need tea every hour (we might be one of those people as well) and we confuse ourselves with questions like is tea even healthy for our health? And if yes, how much tea should one consume in a day to stay in the healthy lane. We are going to answer all such questions in this article so stay put

Good news coming your way – Tea is considered healthy and has amazing benefits for your health! You don’t believe Good news coming your way – Tea is considered healthy and has amazing benefits for your health! You don’t believe us? What does a doctor recommend you to do when you are anxious? Most probably, to drink peppermint tea Now that we have established the fact that tea can be beneficial for our health, we can proceed further to have a look at the benefits of drinking tea every day. 

1. Tea Helps Reducing Risks of Heart Attacks: Obese People are alwavs at a risk of Obese people are always at a risk of heart-related problems which often leads to other health-related complications. Drinking tea every day doesn’t only make sure to keep your waist circumference in check but also helps in eliminating free radicals off your body which ultimately reduces the chances of heart-related diseases.

 2. Tea acts as a Backup Anti-Tan Agent:  UV Rays are extremely harmful to your skin, so much so that it can burn your skin if exposed for longer hours. Tea consists of a good amount of antioxidants which helps in slowing down the process of ageing and prevents your skin from showing early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and dark spots. Did you know that your body keeps undergoing the process of regenerating cells which get fueled up by drinking a cup of tea every single day? Please Note that drinking a cup of tea every day alone is not sufficient when it comes to giving your skin a complete shielding from the sun and harmful UV Rays. You might need to apply a sunscreen before stepping outdoors. 


3. Helps in De-Stressing: Work, relationship, finance, health, you name it and the stress is there. There is no one absolute mantra when it comes to dealing with stress, however, there are ways with which you can control your anxiety and lead your day stress-free. One of the simplest ways is drinking tea! Yes, you can go for a cup of tea whenever you feel slightly overwhelmed as tea works like a charm when it comes to the easement of irritability, headache, nervous tension, and insomnia Studies have revealed that peppermint tea works the best to fight depression and inner jitters.


4. Tea Makes Your Bones Stronger: Drinking only half a cup of green and an oolong tea every day makes your bones 48% stronger (as revealed by a recent study on bone density) In fact, the study has proved that non-tea drinkers have weaker bones as compared to the tea drinkers. So, next time when your mom asks you to drink a glass full of milk, you can slyly add some tea leaves to it in order to make your bones stronger 

5. Tea Aids the Digestion Process: Although it is recommended not to have an overdose of tea post evening as it might cause bloating and acidity, tea is known to be a natural digestive agent For someone who starts their day with tea, the high amount of tannins present in tea helps in clearing the stomach right in the morning. You would be surprised to know that China has a ritual of having an after meal tea to keep their digestive tract fit.

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