Optimize Brain Power with Mental Fitness.

Recent scientific research indicates that our brains are highly adaptable and can form new neural pathways. Contrary to long-held beliefs of established researchers, we no longer believe that we are born with a fixed number of brain cells that cannot be repaired or regenerated. Our lifestyle choices can significantly impact the health and flexibility of our brains. Engaging in regular exercise, taking care of our psychological well-being, practicing meditation, and learning new skills like a second language or musical instrument can strengthen and build new neural connections. By consistently developing positive habits and activities, we can enhance the cognitive function of our brains and promote a healthy lifestyle.

1. The Past :

Squats are a common exercise, but recent research has uncovered a surprising new benefit. This updated version of squats can improve one’s psychological well-being and alleviate mental fog. To start, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your feet pointing straight ahead. Then, with your left hand, grab your right earlobe with your thumb and forefinger. Repeat this step with your right hand for your left earlobe. Next, inhale while lowering yourself into a squat position, then exhale as you stand back up. For a few minutes or as long you can manage, repeat this movement. According to the Harvard Business School, exercises like this one can boost memory and thinking abilities.

2. Run For Your Life :

According to a recent study conducted by a team of Australian researchers, the benefits of running are vast and extend beyond just improving cardiovascular health. The research concludes that this simple and straightforward exercise is also beneficial for the brain and mind. In fact, there is strong evidence to show that running can improve mental acuity and stimulate the brain. Incorporating aerobic exercises and resistance training into your workout program is an excellent way to boost the health of both your body and mind. With this in mind, it is recommended to try running for 30-40 minutes daily to experience the incredible changes in your cognitive function.

3. Yoga Cleanses The Spirit And Mind :

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline that incorporates specific meditation techniques and exercise poses that target explicit body parts. Globally practiced for its medical and relaxation advantages, research indicates that yoga can improve brain vitality and memory. Yoga includes various exercise postures that are targeted towards specific areas of the body, but the one that improves flexibility of blood to the brain the most is the shoulder stand posture. Incorporating this into your routine lifts the brain cells, enhances an individual’s memory and provides an energy boost. Additionally, the ‘extraordinary forwarding bending’ pose can prove especially advantageous for increasing brain power and sharpening memory function. It raises blood flow to the brain, further boosting its function. Therefore, incorporating certain yoga poses into your daily routine can significantly improve brain function and alleviate mental stress and tension.

4. Get Quality Sleep :

During our periods of rest, the cognitive processes of our brains continue to operate diligently. Sleep plays a critical role in consolidating newly acquired knowledge and applying it to enhance learning outcomes. It has been established by medical professionals that dreams serve as a manifestation of the extensive mental activity that takes place within our brains as they process the information assimilated during the day. Dreams serve as a way for our minds to consciously decipher and make sense of new knowledge and ideas that have yet to be fully understood.

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