Things to Know About Someone Before You Date Them

Some little secrets may keep your relationship going well but too much may destroy it as well. Most often it is seen that the relationships which are not built on the foundation of trust- fail and finally result in a big gap in life.

So, to avoid such situations and to ensure a good healthy relationship, it is must that you at least know a few basic information about the one whom you date.

As and when you start gaining interest in dating, here are a few points which you “must know” about the person.

1. The Past :

The most important sector in someone’s life is their past. It is seen very often that people have a disturbing or an extra-ordinary past.

People with such past are supposedly found to fail in a relationship but the one who adapts proceed. If you help them to get a better hold of their present and future, they may well appreciate your efforts and make you feel worth them. So, yes, the past plays a vital role in a relationship


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2. Feelings About Their Ex:

Before you start dating, it becomes quite essential to know how one feels about their prior relationships and what are their corresponding reactions.


You may have come across some people in your friend circle, or among the society where you find your friend feeling awkward in the presence of their ex.


If you are dating a person with such an issue, you may find yourself in a situation, where your partner would ignore you or behave strangely, which in turn would irritate you, and finally lead to a dispute.


Someone who would restrict such behaviour and thoughtfulness would make a better partner.

3. Relationships With Their Family and Friends :

The closeness of your partner with you, is dependant on how close they are with their family. It is important to know whether they get along with their family and friends even when they have some differences.

Do they respect them? Knowing their relationship with the closest people of their life may give a wide angle on how they would treat you.

Staying clear from the one’s without friends and family association is recommended- still leaving it to your choice.

4. Communication Style :

Communication, again is the nerve of any relationship. It becomes a necessity to know how your partner expresses him/herself.

Because if your partner is unable to express how s/he feels or to explain their thoughts, that may be a sign for you to hold back.

It is important to know whether your partner is a bit more passive or aggressive or something which you can’t handle. You can look for such signs into them when they are interacting with their friends or family.

5. How They Treat Others :

Besides knowing how your partner communicates with you or their family and friends, knowing how they treat strangers is equally important.


Why would you want to be with someone who treats others inferiorly?
A simple example to follow, when you are out on a dinner in some restaurant and the waiter drops over some water by mistake. It is important for you to know how they would react to such situations.

Are you comfortable with someone who’s aggressive and yells at the waiter for the minute mistake or with a person who handles the situation with much more decency and smartness?


Obviously, the latter one. So, it becomes quite important to know how your partner treats strangers.

6. Respect For Your Likings :

The dating world has accepted some beliefs like “Opposites attract” and “Like attracts like”. But we prefer diplomacy. It is very rare that the above facts have proven to be right.

Anyways, you are not going to find someone who’d have just the same excitement and curiosity into a relationship. You may get to experience new things.

So basically, your partner must respect your likings and not poke fun at your choices.

7. Hobbies and Long-term Goals :

It is very crucial to know how your partner looks at themself in the coming 10-20 years. Are they in line with your own life goals? Would they be able to support you and help you get to the top?
These are the questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide on getting into a serious relationship.

8. What Do They Expect the Relationship To Be :

One of the reasons of relationship failure is the unclear expectations. People sometimes assume their partners’ demands and necessities which turn out to be disappointing.

You need to be clear or you can ask them directly about their expectations or even you may fail.

These are a few areas where you should put effort and attention before you decide to date any individual. These ideas will surely lead you to a happier and satisfactory relationship.

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